Easy Knitting Flower Brooch Making

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We Have ready an excessively trendy flower recipe that we will use for you in many puts. Let’s get started in no time!


1 Loren Herbal Cotton Pink (R098) color hand knitting yarn1 Gazzal Baby Cotton Red (3422) color hand knitting yarn 2.2 mm crochet needle / h2>

1. Start through pulling 50 chains.

2. 1 double handrail to the closing chain of 50 chains, 3 chains to the same position 1 double handrail is made. THREE chains are skipped, the fourth chain is product of 1 double railing, THREE chains are made in the same place and 1 double railing. this fashion the collection continues until the end.


3. 3 chains are drawn, 2 double handrails, THREE chains and 2 extra double handrails are made within the backside row. The chain is jumped to the other house by means of pulling a double handrail without pulling and once more 2 double handrails, 3 chains and a pair of more double handrails are made in the similar space. this manner the series keeps until the top.


4. 3 chains are drawn, 7 double handrails are made to the entire areas and proceed until the tip of the row. there’s no chain among them.

easy-knit-flower-make-3 simple-knit-flower-make-

5. Knitting is turned into a roll form and sewing is started from the first chain phase.

Pearls are sewn in the heart of the shaped flower. Brooch pin is sewn on the again of the flower.

easy-knit-flower-made easy-knit-cicek- made

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