Easy Knitting Flower Keychain Making

Hello everyone!

It Is very easy to make for you, however we’ve ready the sort of stunning keychain.

you’ll be able to provide this keychain to your family members.

Let’s get started in no time. !


L. A. Mia Cottony hand knitting threads;
Grey (P20) color thread
Fuchsia (P24) colour thread
Pink (P7) colour thread2 .FIVE mm crochet key chain ring


Gray knitted with rope.

1) 24 double handrails are made into the magic ring.

The red colour is knitted with a string.

2) It Is placed in a bunch of 4 by crocheting on top of each railing with 2 double rails and pulled together. 5 chains are drawn among the four handrails.

Fuchsia is knitted with coloured thread.

THREE) 5 handrails, 2 chains, 5 handrails flower is completed.

FOUR) In Any Case, it’s fastened on the flower key ring through pulling FIVE-6 chains.


Well Being on your arms!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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