Easy Long Bath Fiber Making

Hi !! Colorful Ă–renbayan Crystal knitting threads4 mm knitting4 mm crochet


We prepare our yarn in 4 layers. Our purpose is to make the threads thick, so we make it more uncomplicated to knit.

1) We Begin our knitting process by means of throwing SIXTEEN loops in our business.

2) We knit harosha till we now have 24 loops on all sides, we building up about 8 rows.

3) We knit harosha until about FIFTY SEVEN cm.

4) We continue to knit until the same choice of 16 loops stay via doing a two-sided aid operation.

Grips (2 Items)

1) We draw about 30 cm of chain with our crochet hook and prepare our fiber grips. We repeat the same process.

2) We pass our chains across the edges of our fiber with the assistance of a crochet hook. We complete the overall degree of our fiber by means of connecting each ends of the chains.

Our tub fiber is set!

easy-long-bath-fiber-making-1 easy-lengthy-bath-fiber-building-1

Use on gorgeous days!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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