Easy Men’s Cardigan Making

With this knitting pattern that you can simply knit to your loved ones, they’ll have a heat iciness too! Aura Brown (3067) ip4 mm skewer7 buttons Needle



1) ONE HUNDRED THIRTY stitches are started.

2) 2 instantly, 2 opposite shaped rubber knit is knitted for SIXTEEN rows.

3) Simple knit is began. Approximately 126 rows beneath the arm (a total of 142 rows with +16 rows of rubber) are knitted approximately FORTY FOUR cm. This equipped ease of counting rows in addition as becoming a member of them with the front parts whilst sewing.

4) After knitting a complete of 142 rows, arm play is began. 14 loops from both sides are decreased, for the arm to be FIVE – 3- 2 – 2 – 2. 104 stitches remain after the tip of the arm cut. Then, 28 stitches are diminished, 4 occasions THREE on both sides, 2 instances 7 on both sides.

7) FORTY EIGHT stitches stay and 48 stitches are left it’s reduce directly.


1) It starts with 72 loops.

2) 16 rows knit 2 flat, 2 reverse shaped rubber knit all the way through. Knitting continues in the type of 2 reverse tires.

The loop is taken in combination and knitted, 1 aid is made. The neckline will proceed like this. a total of 16 reductions are made for the collar. it’s cut as 5 – THREE – 2 – 2 – 2. on this procedure, the loop aid continues for the neckline.

7) Whilst the discounts for the arm and neckline are finished, 42 stitches stay.

8 ) After completing the cuts for the armhole, a total of 72 rows knit about 23 cm more flat knit.

9) Then the 28 loops in the front 7 to 7 can meet the cross back. – 7 – 7 cuts in 4 occasions.

10) 12 loops remain left and a pair of loops stay flat. This section is knitted by some other 10 cm.

Through combining this collar from the 2 aspects, the collar of the cardigan could also be made.


It’ll be applied to the left front piece.

1) 12 rows of rubber are knitted. the first buttonhole is opened after about 6 rows of knitting.

2) Then the second buttonhole is opened within the order that the tire runs out and flat knitting.

3) After that, a buttonhole is opened every 22 rows. The final buttonhole is made prior to the collar groove. .




Starting with 66 loops. >

3) the first increase is made as soon because the tires are finished.

First, FIVE – 3 – 2 – 2 – 2 are diminished, SIXTY EIGHT loops stay.

6) Then, 44 loops remain in the form of 1-1, 12 occasions (24 loops). ). When FORTY FOUR stitches remain, there will be FOUR times (SIXTEEN stitches) aid in 2-2 form, until 28 stitches remain.

8) When there are 28 stitches left, 12 stitches are decreased, THREE stitches on each side. There are 16 stitches left.

9) Then FOUR stitches are reduced from both sides. the remainder EIGHT stitches are lower at once.



So As to join the items, the front pieces and the back piece are blended from the shoulder. Then the arms are joined to the trunk and the internal portions and sides of the fingers are joined together.

Well Being on your hand!

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