Easy Neck Collar Making in 1 Hour

Hi ladies,

It’s known that wintry weather has come … I CAN describe you a neck collar that you simply can knit even as sitting in entrance of the television in the night and use it the next day 🙂 It Is very simple to use and can be utilized in 3 other ways … By the best way, sweet or smiling thank you greatly for my models .. Allow Them To be used on gorgeous days


FOUR mm crochet 100 gr. crochet thread


First of all, we want to drag the chain on the starting, you’ll be able to pull it within the width you wish to have, nevertheless it have to be three times and you must pull 2 ​​chains extra so that it becomes a handrail on the best row. .. Whichever image you favor and after all if your hand tightness is vital, you’ll make a selection double handrail and if tight, you can select triple handrail.

1) I pulled 66 + 2 chains and that i made 1 double handrail on each chain and continued till the end of the road. there have been SIXTY SEVEN handrails in general, and we can have 66 handrails in the next row. pay attention to this !!!

2) I pulled 4 chains and trapped two handrails and traded the third one, and by the end of the road, I created boxes through leaping 2 handrails and pulling 2 chains each time.

3) We will have SIXTY SIX handrails at the finish of the row.

4) < / strong> This row is the similar because the second row, once more we create containers.

5) This order shall be the same because the third row, we can make handrails.

6) And so we continue. We proceed until we succeed in the scale you need by way of creating a row of handrails and a row of boxes. Let’s ensure that that the last row is handrail.

7) When it reaches the scale we would like, we stitch the perimeters together with needles…

8) Then we pull A HUNDRED AND FIFTY-200 chains with our rope ..

Get it easy…

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