Easy Neck Collar Making with Punto

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How about making a easily and comfortable neck collar with Snowball Punto rope?

Let’s get started this neck collar that’s very stylish with its motif structure!


2 Snowball Element hand knitting yarn8 mm crochet


1. 100 chains are drawn. The loop is wrapped within the first chain and become a ring form.

2. The motif starts. 2 double handrails are made to at least one chain, 2 chains are pulled and a pair of more double handrails are made to the same chain once more. 2 chains are drawn among 2 motifs. When putting in the motif in the first row, leave the 4 chains empty and make the 5th chain motif. In other rows, the motif is completed as defined above.

THREE After putting in the motif, one motif is made on each motif and no increase or lower is made.

FOUR. The neck collar does not rotate in a spiral, we will all the time have to pass upstairs. in this procedure, even as closing the row, the loop is closed by way of sliding and more stitches are shifted till the 2 chains between the motif come. Whilst going to the highest row, the chain is stretched with out pulling a chain, and a double handrail is began and the motif is started.

FIVE. the similar process is repeated for six rows.

And it’s over!



well being for your hand.

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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