Easy Patterned Baby Vest Making

Hello pricey knitting lovers!

Again, I Am here with a very easy knitting development!

i am hoping you like this straightforward-patterned baby vest model.

Suitable for three-6 months vintage. when you wish, you’ll be able to build up the numbers through increasing them.

1) We Commence with 67 loops.

THREE) Then we separate our loops as 14 + THIRTEEN + 13 + THIRTEEN + 14. We knit one crew in plain weave and the opposite in knitwear. We positioned 5 opposite styles in the loop stitches, 3 within the entrance row (knit 3 loops in combination in the entrance row, make 1 loop from the best and left of 1 loop within the back row and make the collection of stitches once more 3). We repeat this 7 instances in the again phase.

easy-patterned-baby-vest-construction-1 simple-patterned- baby-vest-making-1

FOUR) Then we knit as 14 loops harosha, 39 loops 1 reverse, 1 flat tire, 14 harosha knitting.

FIVE) We reduce the collar while the sides are 28 rows.

6) We knit 14 loops, 7 loops of rubber knitting and reduce 25 loops. Then we knit once more 7 loops of rubber knitting and 14 loops of haroĊŸ.

easy-patterned-baby-vest-making-2 simple-patterned-baby-vest-development-2

7) We knit ELEVEN rows of haras for the front piece. We increase THIRTEEN loops. We Commence to make the button holes. Then we knit 15 pairs of harasha and placed our style back on. After our model is completed, we knit FIVE roaches.

8) We repeat the similar procedure for the opposite entrance section. we do not simply open button holes.

easy-patterned-baby-vest-construction easy-to-baby-patterned vest-development


Well Being for your palms already! stay with love.

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