Easy Pen Making


1 pcs Loren Type Saks Blue Raffia Strip ip2.FIVE mm crochet


1) We Start by pulling 24 chains. We make 22 needles on the chains, we make 4 needles in a unmarried chain within the nook, we flip the chain and make 22 needles at the other side, 4 needles at the closing chain and end the first row. We get 50 needles.

2) We proceed to make 1 needle on most sensible of our common needles in the second row. in the nook, we double dip folks that are 4, in order that we get 60 frequent needles at the end of the row.

3) 3 in our next row we pull the chain and take away the loop from the first and 2d chain, then we pull out any other loop from the very bottom of the chain, and we pull out a loop from the chains on each side and gather crochet. There are 6 loops on top of our crochet hook and we accumulate them all in combination and lock them with a series. Then we in an instant take out a loop from the first space, cast off it from the chains at the facet and the bottom of the center, and gather it in combination when we have 6 loops in overall, and lock it with a series. We continue the similar procedure until the tip of the series.

4 ) within the next row, we make one pin to each crown (there will be a total of 60 pin needles). within the subsequent row, we start with THREE chains and continue the strategies we did in step THREE, so we knit them on this way.

5) While there are ELEVEN rows of fashions in general, we knit 3 rows of needles. 1 rows of needles within the form of a sequence, an area. Then we finish the challenge by means of making 2 rows of needles extra regularly, in the last row we make 7 double handrails to a loop and make 2 aspect skip jumps to mend it to the third facet. we will be able to pass a rope or chain through the house we create and use it.

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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