Easy Pleated Baby Vest Making

Make your children satisfied and dressed with easy child knitting models.

This very easy recipe that you simply can knit quickly is just for you!


2 pieces of Nako Satin Crimson color ip2.5 mm skewer 4 buttons and needle


1) SEVENTY FIVE loops are started.

2) FIVE the tooth is knitted with halos.

THREE) The collection is done with EIGHT loops of harosha, FIFTY NINE loops of straight, EIGHT loops of harosha. > The sequence is finished with 8 loops harosha, FIFTY NINE loops directly, EIGHT loops harosha once more from the again face.

FIVE) 3-FOUR on this way till 35 cm. knit via repeating the stairs.

6) After knitting 35 cm, a collar is created by knitting 5 teeth haro┼ča.

7) 24 stitches knitting, 27 loops are reduce for the collar, the remainder 24 loops are knitted.

24 loops at the left are stored within the spit, first right knitting. 4 buttonholes are opened at common intervals at the proper facet.

EIGHT) The Appropriate facet is knit 15 cm more.

NINE) Then 8 loops are knitted, 9 loops are reduce, the remaining EIGHT loops are knitted.

10) 8 loops are knitted on the flip, 30 loops are stitched (to make the shirring phase), 8 The loop is knitted harosa.

11) In this manner, EIGHT loops are knitted, 30 loops are flat, EIGHT loops are knitted in the type of 18 harosha.

12 ) All loops are knit with 5 enamel, and are reduce and completed.

in the same steps, the left front is knitted, and the again is combined with a series rope from the perimeters.

THIRTEEN) 30 loops for entrance rods (for shirring) with needle sewn beneath NINE stitches reduce via shrinking. We coated it with a butterfly button. you’ll be able to shut it as you would like.

Easy to come back!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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