Easy Raspberry Beanie Making

We brought the easiest production of the raspberry knitting type, which has been trending for years!

you’ll easily seize the fashion with knitting and produce the rage yourself.


1 Snowball Clever Khaki Inexperienced (K410) colour hand knitting yarn FIVE mm needle


1) 84 loops are began.

2) 1 opposite and 1 flat rubber knit is knitted for 8 rows. Alternatively, after crowning glory, the opposite is used.

3) The choice of stitches is higher to 102 within the ninth row.

4) Example starts to be dependent in twelfth position. FIVE loops are knitted together, FIVE loops are subtracted from 6th sew, in order that all loops are knitted. Then, FOUR rows of flat knitting are knitted.

A pattern is about up in 4 rows.

raspberry-beanie-making-1 raspberry-beanie- making-1

6) The selection of stitches is lowered to 33 in the thirty seventh row via collecting 5 loops and knitting 1 loop.

7) FOUR knit the row and acquire the loops with a needle and sew the threshold.

raspberry-beanie-making-2 raspberry-beanie-making -2

Excellent health!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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