Easy Strawberry Model Beanie Making

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I Might like to proportion a recipe that our younger ladies and their moms could make and use the same pattern, upload elegance to their magnificence, is glorious and incredibly easy, very relaxing to make and begin knitting on the similar day and ending fast enough to use on the similar day. < /

Let’s start knitting right away!


1 Los Angeles Mia Wool Simple Blue (L203) colour hand knitting yarn4 mm crochet3 mm crochet


1) 21 needles are made into the magic ring.

2) 1. Double handrails are made at the top of every needle in order.

3) 2. WITHIN THE queue, corn burlap weave development is made at the top of the double handrail. In different words, we make FOUR double handrails right into a loop and take out our crochet, sink into the highest of our first handrail and go the loop of the fourth handrail from right here. We pull 1 chain. in this approach, we now have made the type of corn poplar knitting. Double handrails are made to the next stitch. The collection is completed by making 1 corn burst on one loop and pulling 1 chain on the different loop and making a double handrail on the other loop.

there is at all times 1 chain in among.

4) THREE. WITHIN THE row, double handrails are made at the most sensible of every popcorn, 1 chain in among and 1 corn popper on the most sensible of each pair of handrails. there’s at all times a sequence drawn between them.

5) FOUR. there’s an increase in order. Corn burst is made at the double railing most sensible, 1 chain is drawn within the area among them, and double balustrades are made at the most sensible of the corn burst. 1 chain is drawn into the space next to it and a double handrail is made. This row is the only row to increase the beret.

easy-strawberry-model-beanie-making-1 easy-strawberry-type-beanie-making-1

6) Then, with out raising, every other double row of handrails at the popcorn, 1 chain in between. it is knitted by way of making a corn burst on the double handrail. And the type with the top of the beret is shaped.

easy-strawberry-model-beanie-making easy-strawberry-model-beanie-making-2

7) Then, for the forehead part of the beret, a total of 4 rows are knitted by way of making half a needle or a fake needle in each and every interval. The Use Of the ultimate 3 rows of three mm crochet pins, the brow of the beret is narrowed somewhat more.

easy-cilek-model-beanie -made

We’re ready!


Use in just right days!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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