Easy Striped Blanket Making

Hi There !

I’ve an excessively trendy blanket recipe that even rookies can easily make!

if you happen to chose your colours, let’s start knitting very quickly!


Gazzal Baby Cotton XL hand knitting yarns;
7 pieces of Yellow (3413XL) color thread
7 pieces of Gray (3430XL) colour rope with 5 mm line skewers


Gray colour thread We knit.

1) First we throw 200 loops in our paintings. We knit until the end of 1 ball of grey yarn.

I’ve 12 teeth from 1 thread. you can decrease and increase the collection of teeth consistent with the frequency of your hand.

easy-line-blanket-make-1 simple-line- blanket-made-1

We knit with a yellow thread.

2) While the grey thread ends, we flip to the yellow thread at the end of the row and knit it until the tip of 1 cushy yellow thread.

3) We procedure this way until the grey and yellow threads are completed.

you can enjoy the tutorial conveniently and use our blanket softly!

easy-striped-blanket-making-2 easy-striped-blanket-making-2

Health on your palms already!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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