Easy Summer Hat Making

Hi everybody!

Quintessential in those sizzling climate hats …

I stated I must knit a hat in step with my very own needs and tastes, and this beauty gave the impression.

You too if you wish to knit, take a look at my recipe, because it is very easy to make!

Let’s start now!


ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE-ONE HUNDRED FIFTY gr. Loren Paper paper ip4 mm crochet


1) 12 widespread needles are made into the magic ring.

2) Every sew is double-dipped and 24 needles are obtained.

3) 36 stitches are reached via knitting 1 single and 1 double.

4) 36 knitting needles with out expanding 1 row.

5) 2 single and 1 double knitting. FORTY EIGHT loops are acquired.

6) 48 knitting needles with out expanding 1 row.

7) 3 single, 1 double knit. 60 loops are got.

8) 60 loops are knitted without expanding 1 row.

9) 4 unmarried, 1 Proceed in pairs.

you can build up this quantity as FIVE or 6 unusual and 1 pair through measuring in step with your head. I made 5 single and 1 double.

10) Then we knit 12 rows without any build up.

After knitting 12 rows, we go to the terek section.

11) Knitting 1 unmarried and 1 pair of stitches into the loops.

12) 3 rows are knitted with none building up.

13) FIVE single and 1 double knit.

14) 1 knit without increment.

15 ) 6 unmarried and 1 double knit.

16) 1 knit with out increment.

17) 7 knit unmarried, 1 pair.

18) knit without expanding 1 row.

i stopped right here. in the event you wish to get a larger hat, you’ll building up it to eight unmarried, 1 double / 9 single, 1 double.

It’s that simple!

in the event you desire, you can adorn with bows, ropes and pompoms.

simple-summer-hat-hat- made-1

Health to your arms!

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