Easy Supla Making from Ribbon Thread

Hello buddies,

Now We Have brought you an excessively easy and easy-knit fortify.

With those coloured and lightweight knots you’ll be able to simply knit with ribbon rope, your tables will likely be gorgeous!

Let’s start knitting right away?


1 Spaghetti Yarn Ribbon hand knitting thread 7 mm crochet1 scissors


1. Magic We make 12 double handrails into the ring.

2. We make two handrails within each and every handrail.

3. First We come to the tip of the row through making double handrails to the handrail slot and one handrail to the following one, that may be, 1 double and 1 single handrails.

4. We make 1 handrail to the first handrail bay. We pull THREE chains. Via leaping 1 slot we make 1 handrail in the 3rd slot. Till the tip of the road, we come between the handrails by pulling THREE chains and leaving one nest in among.

5. We fill 4 double handrails into three chain areas.

6 . We make one handrail to all the handrail slots.

7. We make six oysters to the handrail slot subsequent to the slot we close. We make 6 double handrails inside a nest, because of this six oysters, and attach it with a needle by way of skipping a nest. We make six oysters once more by means of skipping a nest. We knit like this until the top of the road.

And it’s over! we would like you to make use of it at the tables arrange with love and sit down with pleasure.

ribbon-ipten- easy-supla-made

Well Being for your hand!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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