Easy Twisty Sweater Making

Hello everyone!

I Have a pleasant recipe for people who like sleeveless sweaters like me!

you’ll also arm this twisted sweater model when you want.

Let’s get started now!


5 items of Snowball Clever Oil Blue color hand knitting thread 6 mm trimmed needle stitching needle


Sizes are suitable for size FORTY TWO-44.


1) We Start with 70 loops.

2) 2 opposite, 2 flat rubber knit for 14 rows We knit.

3) Then we move directly to flat knitting. We knit until a complete of 56 cm.

4) Once We come to the arm phase, we lower it from two aspects as THREE + 2 + 1.

5) We knit 22 rows of heterosexual knit.

6) We knit 20 loops for the collar gutter, cut 19 loops, knit 20 loops extra, after which minimize the thread. Then we knit the 20 different loops on the other facet in two rows.



1) We Begin with 70 loops.

2) We knit 2 reverse, 2 flat rubber knitting alongside 14 rows.

3) We knit 25 loops directly, FIVE loops opposite, 10 loops directly, 5 loops reverse and 25 loops instantly . In This manner, we create the ground for the auger.

4) This Manner we knit the reverse in reverse and straight in simple. 8.

5) 9 At The entrance side of the knit, we knit 10 loops FIVE-5 in the center, where we knit directly 10 loops within the middle.

On This method, we proceed to curl frivolously. We knit until FIFTY SIX cm.

easy-twist-suveter-construction -2

7) After We come to the arm cut, we reduce it 3 + 2 + 1 in the comparable method as the again piece.

8) After slicing the arm 14 Next we knit.

9) Then we begin giving the neckline. We knit 24 loops instantly. We cut 10 loops by which we twirl. We knit 24 loops at the different side of the collar flat.

10) Subsequent we reduce 2 loops on each side of the collar.

11) Within The next row, we minimize 1 stitch on each side of the collar.

12) After knitting 10 rows, we cut the entire loops.

Shoulders and sides needle sew.

simple-twist-suveter-development -3


1) We take 56 loops from the collar.

2) 2 inverted, 2 in 7 rows we knit a flat rubber knit.

you’ll be able to stretch it further and make a turtleneck.

easy-twist-suveter -yapimi-4

Pleasant knitting!

In Case You have any questions, you can write feedback!

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