Easy Vest Making with Felt Technique

Hi everyone!

How would you prefer to knit an easy and classy vest development for yourself, your daughter or your family member?

i am here with an overly different vest knitting development.

we wish you to knit with pleasure!


Snowball Angora Herbal Black (K940) colour hand knitting yarn Snowball Angora Natural Prints hand knitting threads3.5 mm skewer Needle needle (7 needles) Styrofoam / foam Black interlining


Sizes are suitable for dimension S.


We knit with black thread.

1) with A HUNDRED AND TWENTY loops we begin. you’ll be able to regulate the scale as you wish.

3) To Position a seat, we build up NINE stitches on each side one by means of one, we reduce 12 stitches one via one. We knit 1 inch.

FOUR) We allocate 40 loops to put on the neck, we knit the loops within the center from both sides as FOUR knitting harosa and minimize them. We knit the stitches at the area by means of 4 rows.


All Sides of the fronts are knitted within the similar way. 1) We Start with SIXTY FIVE loops.

2) We knit 4 rows of harosa knitting, we continue the knitting as a lot as we continue until the back size we proceed.

THREE) We build up 9 stitches for the seats one by way of one, we lower 12 stitches one via one.

4) Seat After chopping 12 loops within the section, we minimize the collar phase until FORTY loops remain and knit to the dimensions behind.


Kartopu Angora Natural yarn will also be coloured or undeniable. and that i used all of the colours.

1) We lay our vest at the styrofoam.

2) We positioned the fashion we wish via eye resolution before pinning. Then we begin pinning with a 7-pin needle and pin it till it is fixed.

3) We iron the iron on the back and we transform it.


Let’s come simple now!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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