Easy Wool Cardigan Making

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We introduced you a very simple, very warm and beautiful knitting wool cardigan fashion that you just can use for years.

Let’s get started knitting this wool cardigan that you simply can whole in 10 steps!


8 Snowball Elite Wool Inexperienced (K410) colour hand knitting yarn6 and 6.FIVE mm trimmed needle Needle


1. 6 mm bottle is began through throwing 200 loops.

2. 10 rows of 1 reverse, 1 flat rubber knit is knitted.

3. Then a 6.5 mm bottle is handed and a flat knit is knitted till the entire knitting length is 50 cm.

4. While knitting duration including tire is 50 cm Loops are front 50 loops, back is ONE HUNDRED loops, the front is divided into 50 loops.

5. the primary 50 loops are knitted and lower back. Other loops are kept at the spit. Continue knitting till the front is 20 cm.

6. Then knit a instantly knitting until the again for ONE HUNDRED stitches is once more 20 cm and minimize the loops.

7. Then knit a flat knit until 50 loops are 20 cm for the other front, and the loops are minimize.

8. front portions are sewn from the shoulders to the again. and the knitting of the fingers is began by means of removing the loop from the arm blanks.


9. SEVENTY THREE loops are taken out of the sleeve hollow space, knit whirling as an entire with a 6.FIVE mm trimmed spit. Instantly knitting is continued till 66 loops stay by way of subtracting one arm from every FIVE rows. Whilst 66 loops are thick, 6 mm bottles are handed and the loops are knitted and diminished in combination and decreased to 33 loops and 1 reverse, 1 flat rubber knit is knitted for 12 rows and the loops are minimize and completed.

easy-yun -hirka-yapim-2

10. Finally, a knitting is knitted. From the front parts and neck as a whole, a loop of 6 mm is removed, knitting 1 opposite, 1 flat rubber knit for 7 rows and all loops are cut and finished.

Your wool cardigan, which you’ll be able to wear all wintry weather, is done!


Health on your hand!

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