Easy Zippered Hahasa Sleeping Bag Making

Hello everyone!

We already have a model for folks that need to get ready their wintry weather knitting!

How approximately knitting a soft napping bag to your baby in order that it does not get chilly in iciness?

Let’s start very quickly!


FIVE Snowball Rosebuds Black (K940) color hand knitting yarn3 Snowballs Janjan hand knitting yarn 7 mm spit 45 cm black zipper Thin enough tulle black ribbon Small black beads Bulk needles


We use black colour rope 2 layers. We additionally add Janjan yarn and knit with a total of 3 layers of yarn.

1) We Commence with 82 loops. We knit as harosa throughout the complete weave.

2) We knit approximately 175 cm and cut our loops.

THREE) At The short fringe of the rectangle We make the hat through hanging the ends aspect through facet and stitching with a unmarried layer of black thread within the center.

FOUR) Then, we depart the neck distance and fold the braid from the ground and stitch all 1 aspect with a thin tulle black ribbon. it’s going to look more flashy should you use crochet while stitching.

easy-zipper-harosa-sleeping-bag-making-1 easy- zipper-harosa-drowsing-bag-development-1

FIVE) We restore the FORTY FIVE cm zipper with bulk pins at the facet of the bag that we’re now not stitching. We stitch the remainder of the threshold with an exceptional tulle ribbon like the other edge. At The different hand, we sew the zipper with a black thread from the back of the knit.

easy-zipper-harosa-sleeping-bag-construction-2 simple-zipper-harosa-sleeping-bag-construction

Well Being in your palms!

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