Ebruli Cardigan Making

Knitted cardigan models are easy and long-lasting knits with the intention to add class on your wintry weather.

This wintry weather might be heat with Angora wool knitted cardigan.

Let’s start!


FOUR Snowballs Angora Herbal Prints Ebruli (H1831) colour ip5 mm 100 cm line skewers5 mm 40 cm line skewers


* Appropriate for dimension 36-38.

Entrance Shoulder (2 pieces)

* ONE HUNDRED cm trimmed skewers are used.

1) Starts with 26 loops.

2) EIGHT loops for the collar are product of harosha and 18 simple weaves.

Increments are with harosa knit. The transition to the flat knitting is done from the place of the knitting. Beneath the armpit.

* the other shoulder is knitted within the same manner.

Again Shoulder (2 items)

* 100 cm trimmed skewers are used.

1) Start with 26 loops.

2) 8 haros and 18 flat weaves are made for the nape.

Increments are made both from the pinnacle of the knit and from the place of transition from the knit to the flat knit.

3) For 12 rows this way (8 harosha, the remainder loops are knit flat) and from the start 50 loops are shaped within the skewers by means of expanding the highest finish.

Two back shoulders are blended and knitted together, 100 loops are obtained.

4) 30 rows knit flat. you come back beneath armpit. Combined with front face, it keeps to knit. 200 loops are shaped in the skewer.

marbled cardigan


Entrance and Back are blended and knitted as a complete.

* 100 cm trimmed skewers are used.

1 ) Places where the harasha is in 74 rows are harasha, the places that are flat knit are knit as flat knit.

2) All of the TWO HUNDRED loops in 10 rows are knit and finished.


* 40 cm trimmed skewer is used.

1) Through doing away with 70 loops from the armpit Knit flat for A HUNDRED AND TWENTY rows.

2) Finished through knitting for 10 rows.

marbled cardigan

hi there use.

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