Falling Leaves Model Skirt Making

Hi everybody!

Falling leaves with a patterned skirt I Am here!

Are you ready to weave this good looks too?

So let’s start at this time!


Yarnend Vintage Child Purple (K792) hand knitting yarn3 mm crochet



The skirt I made was suitable for 1-2 years consistent with my rope and hand. you’ll be able to modification the numbers in line with the waist circumference of the individual you might be going to do.

we will be able to make 2 double handrails in a slot the place i’ve distinct as a pair.

1) Let’s pull NINETY ONE chains together and shape a hoop. Let’s pass up to the highest with 2 chains and make 1 double handrail to each chain and end the series with the loop-moving means.

2) 6 handrails Let’s end the line as 1 double railing, 6 double railing, 1 double railing …

THREE) Let’s make 2 handrails to every of the pairs and, in the meantime, add 6 in certain places.

Let’s share that the flywheels of the skirt do not accumulate in one place. on the end of this row, there must be a complete of 136 handrails.

4) Let’s pull 3 chains and make 7 handrails in total. Let’s pull 1 chain and skip a slot and make 7 handrails. Let’s pull 1 chain once more, skip 1 slot and make 7 handrails. Let’s proceed this manner and knit 2 more rows.

FIVE) Let’s do 2 stitches. Let’s draw 1 handrail, 1 chain, 1 house, 2 handrails, FOUR chains, bounce 3 areas, 2 handrails, 1 chain, 1 area, 2 handrails, FOUR chains, jump THREE spaces, make 2 handrails. Let’s continue this way. Whilst it involves the top, let’s combine it with 4 chains.

dusen-leaf-model-skirt-making-1 dusen-leaf-type-skirt-making-1

6) Let’s make 2 handrails, 1 chain, 1 area, 2 handrails and pull 2 ​​chains and make 1 handrail in the heart of the former FOUR chains.

Let’s make 1 chain, 2 handrails. Let’s pull 2 ​​chains and make 1 handrail in the middle of 4 chains. Let’s whole the series in this form. dusen-leaf-model-skirt-making-2 dusen-leaf-fashion-skirt-making-2

7) Let’s pull 3 chains and make 2 handrails for every of the binary teams. Let’s pull 1 chain and double sink once more in order that we will reach 4 handrails. Let’s pull 2 ​​chains and double sink to the single handrail in the center. Let’s pull 2 ​​chains and make 2 handrails for each of the binary groups. Let’s pull 1 chain and double sink once more. Let’s pull 2 ​​chains and double sink to the one hand rail within the heart, and let’s finish the series in this way.

dusen-leaf-model-skirt-construction-3 dusen-leaf-style-skirt-building-THREE

EIGHT) Let’s sink one in every of each and every of the groups of four, be sure to draw 1 chain between the 2 groups.

Let’s whole the order via pulling 2 chains and 4 handrails, 1 chain, 4 handrails. dusen-leaf-model-skirt-construction-4 dusen-leaf-model-skirt-construction-4

9) Let’s soar 2 slots from 3 chains below. Let’s proceed in the form of 1 handrail, 1 slot skip, 1 handrail, 2 skip, 1 handrail, 2 chains, 2 handrails, 1 chain, 2 handrails, 2 chains. We decreased the EIGHT handrails from the beginning and end to FOUR.

dusen-leaf-model-skirt-construction-5 dusen-leaf-type-skirt-building-5

Waist and deploy section is finished. After that, we will repeat the following THREE steps.

10) Let’s go to the start of the handrail through scrolling. 4 handrails, 1 chain, 1 double bat, 2 chains, 1 double bat, 2 chains, FOUR handrails, 3 chains, knitting at the most sensible of the 4 handrails, 2 chains, 1 double bat, 2 chains, 4 handrails, 3 chains Let’s proceed.

11) Let’s pull THREE chains together with a complete of four handrails.

When the install is finished, let’s practice 3 rows. it may possibly be made even through taking a look at the previous rows of the skirt. dusen-leaf-model-skirt-construction-7 dusen-leaf-style-skirt-construction-7

Aspect Decoration

1) Whilst the fallen leaves reach the period sufficient for the skirt type, let’s make 4 frequent needles for the ends. Let’s pull THREE chains and placed needles within the same place. Let’s make FOUR needles. Let’s pull 3 chains and positioned needles within the similar place. Let’s finish the collection this manner.

you can additionally observe other edge models as a substitute.


dusen-leaf-type-skirt-making-8 < div> dusen-leaf-model-skirt-construction-9


Our skirt is over!

dusen-leaf-model-skirt-making dusen-leaf -modelli-skirt-making

i am hoping it was once understandable.

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