Felt Based Booties Making

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We brought you a great bootie development that you simply want each and every season.


Snowball Flora hand knitting threads;
1 Eggplant Crimson (K725) color thread
1 Gentle Red (K792) colour thread 2 mm crochet


We Start by way of taking a loop from the base.
1. 5 occasions a hollow in the holes within the heel, a hollow within the holes within the nostril. We sink 6 times, one hollow within the extensive aspect holes FOUR occasions, and one hole in the other holes three times.

2 . We make single handrails to the loops that we put off from the holes within the top row for 3 rows without increasing or decreasing.

3. we find the middle proper from the nostril and depend to the right and mark the 8th loop. We repeat this procedure 2 instances. We do the similar to the left. we should mark FIVE places in overall.
4. We make unmarried handrails as much as where we mark when we come to the marked position, we continue our knitting from at the back of.

5. on this means, we reduce we’re at the tenth place.

6. No supplement after the tenth row We knit 2 rows of unmarried handrails without wiping.

7. Our knitting will be completed in 12 rows in overall. After completing the 12th row, we end the knitting process by means of executing the chain for the remaining time. when you want, you’ll be able to embellish it with knitted plant life or pompoms.

Make it simple for everyone.

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