Felt Embroidered Tablet Case With Tunisian Weave

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Have You ever thought of knitting a knitted quilt on your tablet?

The tree pattern with felt embroidery on the Tunisian weave provides a unique class to your tablet case.

Let’s start now?


La Mia Linen Cotton Yellow (L160) colour hand knitting yarn2.FIVE mm tunisian crochetPRYM Thick Ended Felt NeedleCarball Felt BrushGreen Wool Felt


1. 40 chains are drawn. 1 loop from each and every chain from the beginning of the row to the tip of the drawn chain is collected and a total of FORTY loops are got rid of. Beginning at the end of the row, the loops which can be collected and got rid of are closed one by means of one, and one row of tunisian weaves is completed by finishing the row.

2. 1 stitch from each and every row of every tunisic stitch from the row to the top of the next row. knit through subtracting. The loops from the top of the row to the beginning of the row are closed one via one and knitted as the row is finished. Whilst the knitting duration is 28 cm, it’s completed.

3. Sooner Than making this becoming a member of procedure, we draw the tree trend we want to process on a paper and lower it on the paper we draw superbly. We knit our hollow tree patterned paper, but we are nonetheless pinning front a part of the piece, in order that it doesn’t slip and we process our felt without beating this hole scheme.

4. Facet of the knitting and we connect the bottom section via sewing.

5. For the snap cover, we pull out 10 chains, knit 15 rows of tunisia and clean it round, and then restoration it by mounting the back best within the center and stitch it. / 145952215456fe8a6aa5843 .jpg 145952217656fe8a805b8b5.jpg

E Well Being on your s!

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