Flamingos Beanie Making

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Who does not love flamingos?

Today we will make flamingo berets with you.

the construction of this beautiful beret is both really easy and very a laugh!

Let’s start knitting instantly!


Himalaya On A Regular Basis Bebe Lux hand knitting threads;
Gentle Gray (70430) color thread
White (70401) colour thread Let’s get started with 92 stitches.
Fuchsia (70428) colour ip3.5 mm skewer


1) 92 loops. Let’s knit 1 inverted, 1 flat rubber knit along 14 rows.

2) Let’s knit all loops flat throughout 7 rows.

3) Let’s practice the following scheme for colour transitions. Let’s weave our stitches flat.

flamingo-beanie-construction-1 flamingo-beanie-construction-1

4) Let’s weave 23 extra immediately knits after the tip of the pattern.

Let’s go to the cuts.

5) Knit 5 loops till the end of the row. Let’s move by chopping 1 sew.

6) Let’s knit all stitches on the backside.

7) Knit 4 stitches and minimize 1 stitch Let’s knit.

8) Knit all loops at the bottom.

9) Knit THREE stitches and cut 1 sew.

10) Let’s knit all loops on the bottom.

11) Knit by way of sewing 2 loops and slicing 1 loop.

12) Let’s stitch back all of the loops on the back.

13) The Entire loops of rope and reduce the lengthy leave. Let’s thread and tighten the thread in the course of the ultimate loops.

14) Let’s stitch the perimeters of the beret.

Beret is about!


Health for your arms already!

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