Flower Different Corner Motif Making

Hi everybody!

I Can percentage with you a distinct flower motif with flora.

i’m hoping you prefer it.

you can knit stunning blankets the usage of this motif.

Let’s get started now!


Kartopu Organica hand knitting threads;
Grey (K920) color thread
Pink (K1721) color thread2.5 mm crochet


Gray we knit with color thread.

1) Let’s make three puffs on the magic ring, pull 3 chains and make 3 puffs. on this method, you get a total of EIGHT puffs. We make THREE double handrails for triple pouffe and gather all of them in a unmarried stitch.

flower-different-koseli-motif-construction-1 flower-other-koseli-motif-construction-1

2) Make THREE chains, 2 double handrails, THREE chains into the chain blanks and tighten to the opposite slot Let’s hang with the needle. this manner, let’s continue until the top of the sequence.

flower-different-koseli-motif-construction-2 flower -different-koseli-motif-development-2

We knit with crimson color string.

THREE) Let’s hang the distance among the leaves. Let’s pull 7 chains. Let’s make 1 double railing in the opposite house, 4 chains in the other slot and 1 double railing in the other slot and practice the method until the tip of the collection.

FOUR) Let’s scroll to the space. Let’s draw triple puff, 3 chains, triple puff, 3 chains into the space and sink into the other slot. Let’s pull FOUR chains and sink them within the related slot and draw 3 chains. Let’s observe these operations until the tip of the row. . Let’s grab the opposite space with 2 chains. Let’s make FOUR handrails, THREE chains, 4 handrails in the opposite slot. Let’s sink into the opposite socket with a needle, pull THREE chains and repeat the process.

6) Repeat the 5th step. Let’s make 2 handrails, 2 chains, 2 handrails in the gap among the handrails, let’s finish the line.

flower-different-koseli-motif-construction-3 flower-different-koseli-motif-construction-THREE flower-different-koseli-motif-construction-4 flower-other-koseli-motif-yapimi-4

Our floral other corner motif is about!

flower-different-koseli-motif -construction flower-different-coral-motif-design

Health to your fingers.

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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