Flower Making Necklace

Flower Making Necklace
Flower Making Necklace

Hello ,,

Let’s meet the arriving of spring along side vegetation!

i will be able to inform you in regards to the “blooming” necklace that I made to my daughter.


Snowball Etamine hand knitting yarn 3 mm and 1.7 mm crochet Stitching Needle 1 button Tiny pearls Sand beads in quite a lot of colours



We knit with double colour inexperienced yarn and three mm crochet.

for those who wish, you can mix inexperienced and brown strings to give the collar a recent department air. it is useful to knit 2-3 cm more than the neck circumference.

2) We knit continuously on the chain with 6 rows of needles. If we would like a thicker collar, we can building up the collection of rows. We make buttonholes via sinking to the 4th chain.

4) Subsequent row we continue through making common needles for the 3 chains we pulled a while ago. We complete the leash piece on the end of 6 rows.

6) We flip around the leash with a sequence across the leash to make our braid glance neat.

when you do not need to make a magic ring, you’ll be able to pull 5 chains and attach the two ends to get a tiny circle.

3) We knit EIGHT double handrails throughout the circle.

4) In The subsequent row, we increase it by way of handrails among the handrails. . While knitting the handrails, we pull one chain at a time. We repeat this process until the ground is the size we want.


We knit with colored etamine threads and 1.7 mm crochet.

1) We make small bellies for a few vegetation with a magic ring and common needle technique.

2) Then we knit a flat chain and / or filler with colored threads on top of the navel to provide a flower form.

3) We supply a few plant life a small flower shape without knitting a belly, knitting FIVE triple handrails after the magic ring. After knitting the triple handrail to make the leaves visible, we make one needle into the ring and go to the other triple handrail crew.

We knit with inexperienced thread.

4) we knit small leaves to sprinkle between them.

We can do that with ribbon as opposed to rope. well being! .
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