Four Leaf Floral Baby Blanket Making

Hello everyone!

I Need to inform you a few baby blanket with a colourful FOUR-leaf floral motif that may be very a laugh to knit.

Let’s get started knitting very quickly if you happen to want!

Snowball Crystal hand knitting threads
5 Gentle Baby Blue (K1649) colour thread
3 Pink (K794) color thread
2 Snow White (K010) colour thread3 mm wool We knit the crochet


Purple colour thread.

1) We pull 8 chains and shape our ring.

2) We knit FIVE four handrails with 1 chain spacing.

3) We come to the trick that permits our flower to shape. We pull FIVE chains and stay at the back and fasten them with the needle way to the places the place we pull 1 chain. We repeat the same process 4 times.

4) We pull 1 chain in the center and 3 chains in the corners and proceed knitting our 5 handrails.

We knit.

5) We pull 2 ​​chains in among and 3 chains within the corners and continue to knit our 5 handrails.

We knit with blue colored thread.

6) We proceed to knitting the last row. We complement our motif via pulling 2 chains in between, 5 chains within the corners and knitting our 5 handrails.

7) We knit the remainder motifs to form 7 × 7 = FORTY NINE motifs. within the becoming a member of segment, we pull 1 chain in the intermediate sections and 3 chains within the corners and attach the motifs with the needle way. we now have completed the primary phase of our blanket.

four-leaf-flower-baby-blanket-construction-1 four-leaf -cicekli-baby-blanket-yapısı-1

Side Ornament

We knit with a blue thread.

1) THREE chains in between, FIVE in the corners We complete the primary row through pulling a series and knitting 4 quad razors. We use FIVE 4 handrails in place of FOUR at the corners.

We knit with white colour thread.

2) We continue knitting by means of repeating the similar procedure.

We knit with a blue coloured thread.

3) within the closing row, we pull FIVE chains and knit FIVE quadruple handrails and connect our handrails with frequent needles at the stuffed packing containers. We repeat the same process until the threshold of the blanket runs out.

four-leaf-flower-baby-blanket-making-2 4 -leaf-flower-child-blanket-construction-2

Our blanket is set!

four-leaf-flower-baby-blanket-making 4-leaf-flower-child-blanket-making

Use on beautiful days!

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