Fox Coaster Making

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Snowball Amigurumi hand knitting threads;
Orange (K125) color thread
White (K010) color thread
Black (K940) color thread
Brown (K890) colour thread3 mm crochet 2 small buttons


SH: Magic ring

HDC: Unmarried handrail (Fastening needle)

HDCA: Unmarried handrail relief

X : Common needle

DC: Double handrail

DCA: Double handrail reduction

V: Build Up

E: Decrease

ZN: Chain

CC: Loop wrapping



We knit with orange thread.

1) 42hdc from FORTY TWO zn, We make and go back.

2) 3cc, 7zn, 3 zn, 4hdc, 34hdc, we make and return. / robust> 3cc, 7zn, 4hdc, 34hdc, 1zn from the 3rd zn, and return. this is how we knit until the 8th row.

4) NINE.

Subsequent we make 1hdca, 28hdc, 1hdca, 2zn and return.

6) ELEVEN. Next we make 1hdca, 26hdc, 1hdca, 2zn and return.

7) 12. Next we do 1hdca, 24hdc, 1hdca, 2zn and return.

8) THIRTEEN. We make 1hdca, 22hdc, 1hdca and we pull the rope so as.


We knit with orange thread. and from the second zn, we make 28dc, 2zn and go back.

2) 1d, 26dc, 1d, 2nn and go back. ) We make 1d, 24dc, 1dca, 2dn and go back.

4) 1d, 22dc, 1d, 2dn and go back.

5) We make 1d, 20dc, 1dca, 2zn and return.

6) We take 3dc simultaneously to reduce. We take 14dc, 3dc on the related time and decrease.

7) We take 3dc and reduce at the similar time. We take 8dc, 3dc on the same time and reduce.

We go away the rope lengthy to stitch.


We knit with orange coloured thread.

1) We do EIGHT occasions. From the 2nd zn, we make 7x, 1nn and return.

2) 6x, 1v to the remainder loop, we make and go back. 1v, 7x, we make and return.

4-9) 9x, we make and return.

10) 1a, 7x, we make and go back.

11) We do 5x, 1a and leave.

12) We make 1a, 3x, 1zn and return.


We knit with white thread.

1) We shoot 13 occasions

2) We do 12x with the blo technique.

In this fashion, we flip round and knit 5 rows.


We knit with brown colored thread.

We knit the appropriate and left ends of the top.

1) 2zn, we make the similar loop by making 1hdc, 3dc, 1hdc.


We knit with a black thread.

1) 7zn, 6dc from 2d zn

2) 6dc

3) 1d, 2dc, 1dca (FOUR)

4) 2dca (2)

5) 1dca.


We knit with black and white coloured threads.

1) You’ll Be Able To make speckles and eyebrows through the use of the visible.

Fox Coaster Making

Fox Coaster Making


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