Fox Hair Band Making

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Nowadays we will be able to make a fox scarf with a nook-to-corner method.

Let’s start!


Snowball Baby One hand knitting threads;
Orange (K1211) color thread
White (K019) colour thread
Black (K940) color ip3.FIVE mm crochet



Orange color knit.

1. 6 chains are drawn. ranging from the fourth chain, 1 double railing is made to every chain. a total of three handrails are obtained with the primary chain.

2. 6 chains are drawn once more and again, one double handrail is made to each chain starting from the fourth chain.

3. The chain in the primary row is immersed in the area we draw, 3 chains are drawn and three double handrails are made within the related house.

4. 6 chains are drawn and the similar operations Repeat.

Let’s do the increments till we get the period we want. After our augmentation procedure is done, we will only increase after which lower on one side.

5. 6 chains are drawn and from the fourth chain, 1 double railing is made to every chain.

For this, when we come to every corner and cling, THREE chains are pulled again and held in a three-chain hole, THREE double handrails are made in the related slot. Let’s hang onto the next hole and proceed in this method. After retaining the corner in the last part, let’s pull 3 chains again and grasp directly to the space. fox-sheet-band-construction-1

11. ONCE WE come to the corners and grasp on, let’s draw THREE chains again. Let’s keep on with the previous THREE chains of gap and pull 3 chains at each corners on this method.

12. Let’s proceed your operations within the comparable slot as 3 double handrails. Let’s proceed until our corner is finished. Let’s stitch the two aspects together.


Ears (2 pieces)

1. A magic ring is made with a white rope and 3 chains are pulled and 8 double handrails are made.

 2. FOUR handrails are made in the next row and 3 handrails are made to the incoming slot, one handrails are made once more to the incoming slots.

3. The orange thread is passed and this section is rear we will be able to knit from the lobe.

Let’s make THREE needles in the same slot at the best a part of the triangle.

Let’s depart the rope long and reduce it with our color thread.

4. let’s undergo and knit from the again lop. Let’s make 3 frequent needles within the related slot on the top of the top at the highest and one consistent with needle at the remainder of the edges. Let’s not knit the bottom and reduce and conceal the string.

Let’s sew it to our headscarf with orange thread.

Our fox headscarf is about!

fox-sheet-tape-making fox-sheet-tape-making

Well Being on your hand!


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