Fox Toy Basket Making

Hello everyone!

You Can easily knit this lovable fox basket with our recipe and use it in your child’s room.

Let’s start knitting this cute model very quickly!


Spaghetti Yarn combed fabric knitting threads;
White color thread
Orange colour thread
Black color thread7 mm crochet


First base is made.

White knit with a string.

1. A magic ring is made of white combed rope.

2. Magic 6 needles are made into the ring.

3. 12 needles are made by way of making double needles into every frequent needle.

4.  18 unmarried needles are made through making 1 unmarried and 1 double needle.

5. 24 single needles are obtained by making 2 unmarried and 1 double needles.

6. The ultimate row is completed in loop execution and the highest of the basket is handed.

Top of the Basket

White color i Knit with p.

1. 1. and 2. rows of spike trend are knitted.

Orange and white are knitted with rope.

2. THREE. any place is set in the row and 1 spike is made with orange rope. the remainder loops are knitted with white thread.

3. FOUR. 3 spikes of orange color are knitted by increasing from the precise and left of 1 spike in orange row. Different places continue with white thread.

4. The spike product of orange as much as the 5th, 6th, seventh and 8th row is often knit, expanding from right and left, with a complete of THIRTEEN.

5. 9. all the ears are knitted in orange.

6. 10. Loop execution is performed with orange thread. For lonely ears, the ears are knitted with 4-THREE-2 common needles respectively, corresponding to the puts where the orange is greater, and it is finished via proceeding to hold out the loop.

With the black thread, the 3rd position on the bottom, where the orange color begins. -2-1 items are made in the shape of a triangle to near the spike type.

NINE. in the next row, the orange spike is completed through making an eye fixed with the black thread on the best and left third ears.

That’s it!

Fox Toy Basket Making


Well Being to your fingers!

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