Fox Weft Eating Tail

Hi pals!

If You Happen To wish to prepare for the winter already, we’ve got an excessively adorable recipe! your children will love the fox fashion that eats its tail too!

Let’s start knitting if you’re able!


Snowball Child Comfortable knitting threads;
White (K010) color thread
Blue (K515) colour ipA small amount of black rope3.FIVE mm skewer


Let’s knit with white color thread.

1) 3 stitches Let’s start through throwing. Let’s just increase at the starting of the row.

3) Whilst our collection of stitches is FORTY, let’s knit normally without expanding 1 row and this time, let’s start knitting 2 loops at the starting of each row via knitting.

4) While our collection of stitches is 3, let’s lower and finish the stitches.

We now have a square-like piece. Let’s mix the ends we began and completed.

tail-eater -tile-weft-making-1

Let’s knit with a blue thread.

5) Let’s take 40 loops from the lengthy a part of the piece.

In this way, let’s visit the top of the road.

7) There are 32 loops left in our bottle. Let’s knit this part with 2 inverted and a couple of flat rubber knitting. Let’s increase in the form of 4 harosha, 1 building up, 4 harosha, 1 build up. Let’s make our increases as a hidden increase. After attaining 40 loops in our skewers, let’s knit about 8 cm of croissant

with a white color string.

9) Let’s start commonplace knitting without increasing a row.
10) Let’s lower 2 loops on the beginning of each row, and let’s reduce 3 loops into considered one of our loop counts of three. Let’s disguise the rest threads.

11) Let’s glance on the part we folded to start with, or make an eye with a rope. To make an eye with rope, let’s positioned EIGHT pins into the magic ring and mix it with a single handrail to finish.

And let’s placed the eyes on the appropriate puts for the fox scarf that eats its tail.

12) Let’s mix the part the place we connect the ends with a black rope and make a nostril.



1) Let’s start via taking 14 loops from the puts shown in the picture below.

2) Let’s minimize 1 sew in 3 rows in each and every row and minimize the remaining 3 into one.

3) Let’s do the same for the opposite ear. Let’s depart the strands lengthy and sew the top of the ear to the scarf.


Our fox shawl that eats its tail is about!

Well Being for your palms already!

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