Frilly Baby Shorts Making

Hi ,,

I brought you a very short and easy-to-finish baby shorts.

Those very lovely child shorts, which will be finished even for one night, with the haroşa knitting methodology. We knit it.

you can knit it right away and get dressed it on your small children throughout the summer season.

Let’s start straight away!


1 Piece Snowball Baby One Salmon (K1212) colour hand knitting yarn FOUR mm needle


1. 50 loops are began. 15 rows of rubber knit are knit 1 inverted and 1 flat.

2. Knit harosa until 24 tooth.

THREE. we are shifting to subtractions. We lower 3 loops from the sides in each and every row and apply chopping operations until 14 loops stay in our bottle.

firfirli-baby-sortu-yapimi-1 firfirli-child-sortu-yapimi-1

4. Our deduction is over. We knit 14 loops with EIGHT tooth harosha and continue to increase.

FIVE. We proceed to knit harosha through expanding 3 loops on both sides until we have now 50 loops in our bottle once more.


6. knit 50 loops into 24 teeth then we knit 15 rows of 1 opposite, 1 flat rubber knit and lower all loops.

firfirli-baby-sortu-yapimi-3 firfirli-child-sortu-yapimi-3

We fold it in part and stitch it from the sides.


So As for the ruffles of the legs to be seamless I knit with n-line knitting needle. should you don’t wish to use a line with a line, you want to dispose of the stitch without stitching the shorts from the edges and sew when the frills are finished.

1. The bottle loop is removed at the legs. We ensure that that the selection of stitches of each legs is the same.

2. We knit all stitches in pairs within the first position. In different words, we building up every loop.

3. After that, we knit and lower until 5 teeth develop into harasha without expanding. the primary increment lets in us to create frills.

ruffle-baby-sort-making-4 ruffle-child -sortu-yapimi-FOUR

Just Right health to you!

I desire everybody to do it …

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