Frog Beanie Making

I’M here with an ideal beret fashion to protect your child baby from the chilly of wintry weather. in the event you want, you’ll use this beanie for photograph shoots and create candy and adorable recollections.
The numbers I supply are suitable for young children 0-6 months.


50 gr. Gazzal Baby Cotton Green colour thread
Small quantity of white cotton thread
Small quantity of crimson cotton color thread
Small amount of black colour cotton thread2 black buttons3 mm crochet wool needle


We knit the beret with double handrails from beginning to finish.

1) We make the magic ring. We fill it with 15 double handrails.

2) We make two handrails on each and every railing, that is, we double dive all of them. (There are 30 handrails.)

3) We make 1 double and 1 single handrail.

(60 handrails are being shaped.)

5) We make 1 double, 3 unmarried handrails. (General 75 handrails are.)

6) From this order, knitting without any increase, that may be, by way of making one handrail on every railing. we continue. We knit this way for 12 rows. While our knitting has 17 rows in general, we reduce and knot the green string.

7) We go to the white rope and knit in a similar approach, with none build up.

Eyes (4 pieces)

we start with white thread.

1) We make the magic ring.

(There are 30 handrails.)

Cheeks (2 items)

we begin with a crimson string.

1) We make a magic ring and fill it with 15 double handrails and reduce our rope.

2 white balls are seen on the picture We sew the black buttons at the face parts, then we mix the two white portions with the other parts on most sensible of every different and the face parts on the out of doors, and mix them with the fairway thread through passing needles regularly. We leave the rope slightly long when cutting. we will be able to stitch the eyes to the hat with these strings. We stitch the eyes on the best of the hat at equivalent durations. We sew each from front and the back so that it does not curl upright. We alter the site of the cheeks. We go away an equivalent distance from the sides.
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