Fur Kids Vest Making

Hi ,,

We introduced you a very easy and really fashionable knitted fur vest.

your kids will never get chilly within the fall with this vest!

Let’s get started in no time! !


FOUR pieces YarnArt Mink Gentle Green (348) colour hand knitting yarn 4 mm skewers


Sizes are for 4-FIVE years.


1. SIXTY TWO stitches are began. The knitting is knitted till 35 teeth.

2. within the thirty sixth thread, 4 loops are minimize and FIFTY EIGHT loops are knitted.

THREE. 36 stitches are cut and 54 stitches are knitted in 36 harosa (reverse of knitting).

4. All loops are knit till the 53 teeth change into harosa.

FIVE. 18 loops are knit and lower 18 loops in the outer harosha, the 18 loops at the end are knitted.

sixth 54th and 55th teeth are knitted as 18 loops.

seventh 56th tooth 18 loops are all reduce.

the opposite shoulder is knitted and completed in the same means.

Entrance Pieces

1. 33 loops get started. The knitting is knitted till 35 tooth.

2. in the thirty sixth outer harosha, 3 loops are minimize for the armhole, 30 loops are knitted.

3 . 2 loops are lower at the 37th outer harosha and 28 loops are knit.

FOUR. Collar reducing starts from the thirty eighth outer harosha. Lower 1 sew, knit 27 stitches. within the next row 1 stitch is minimize, 26 stitches are knitted. in this means, continue until 18 loops remain within the spit.

5. Whilst the collar reduce is finished, 6 tooth are knitted and completed.

< div> kurk-child-vest-construction-1


kurk -child-vest-construction-2


Pieces can be sewn and ribbons can be hooked up to the starting puts of the collar.

and ready!

kurk-child-vest-construction-3 kurk-child-vest-development-THREE

Health to your hand!

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