Furry Sofa Shawl Making

Enhance your home with knitting!

Knitting with fancy threads will upload a distinct surroundings to your house!

With this very easy and brief recipe, you’ll be able to get started knitting straight away.


2 Snowballs JanJan Silver colour ip2 beard ip5 mm skewer


The Whole knit is knit as haroşa.

1) Get Started with 220 thread beard thread and knit 10 cm.

2) Knit with 10 thread beard threads on all sides along the weave.

3) After knitting with 10 cm JanJan thread, the bearded rope is started again and the similar process is repeated.

4) Whilst the width reaches the length we wish, knitting is done.


It’s that simple!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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