Gingham Beanie-Neck Collar Set Construction

Hi everybody!

How about creating a fashionable beret-neck collar go well with with gowns?

in case you are in a position, we start knitting this pretty swimsuit!


1 Snowball Child One Grey (K1432) colour hand knitting yarn 1 Snowball Baby One Black (K940) color hand knitting yarn4 mm skewering wool needle Wool colour or in a position pompom for pompom.

make it

dimensions are child dimension. you can knit for yourself via expanding the collection of knitting needles or increasing the collection of stitches.


1) 90 loops of the bottle with grey thread and 1 reverse for 10 rows Knit 1 flat rubber braid.

2) 11. THE FOLLOWING diagram is followed by way of becoming a member of the knitting in black rope from the beginning.

potikareli-beret-collar-set-1 potikareli-beret-necks-swimsuit-1

The period of every sq. is 6 rows and the width is 5 loops. In different words, if you wish to enlarge, you’ll be able to stitch in the form of multiples of five.

3) When the period of the beret is 7 squares, gray colour is changed and all loops on the obverse are cut 2 by way of 2 each and every. The selection of stitches is lowered to FORTY FIVE. The back row isn’t cut and all loops are reversed.

4) At The obverse, 2 cuts are made 2 each and every, and the number of stitches is lowered to 23. All loops on the back are stitched upside down.

5) For the last time, all loops are cut 2 by 2 and the selection of stitches is decreased to 12.

6) The loops are far from the skewer and reduced in size with the assistance of a wool needle and the again seam is done.

a large pompom of the required colour is ready and sewn to the highest.

Neck collar

1) A HUNDRED AND TEN loops of black wool are thrown.

2) 1 reverse, 1 flat rubber knit is knitted for 6 rows.

3) 7. From the standard, the gray thread is added to the knitting and the above diagram is started to be followed.

4) When the length of the neck is 6 squares, it’s switched to black rope once more and 1 opposite, 1 flat tire for 6 rows. knitting is knitted.

5) All loops are reduce and closed and sewn again.

Your gingham beret-collar go well with is ready!

potted square-beret-neck-collar-set-width


Use on good days!

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