Girl’s Cepken Vest Making


1 Snowball Child Soft ip2.5 mm skewer 4 buttons


Fashion contains 2 portions.

1. The piece (waist part)

is started with 154 loops. FOUR enamel are coated with haras. 2 rows of knit are laid on all sides via leaving 7 pat pats. One row is knitted in 1 row. Then 2 rows are knit flat. the knitting keeps as observed on the back face. This sequence keeps until it turns into nuisance and ends by cutting the loops.

2. Track (Collar and Again)

Start with 121 stitches. 60 stitches are finished by means of first knitting 60 haras 1dola 1 flat 60 loops haraso. 3 outer haraso is knitted. 2 rows of flat knit are knitted in the next row. Then 2 rows of knit are knit again. In the following row THREE rows of outer haras are knit and continue again until FOUR harasha on this means. Meanwhile, 1 dola and 1 flat increase in 1 loop will continue to provide the knit a V shape.

Becoming A Member Of

The First piece is doubled. The V a part of the second part is sewn at the again, and the two ends are joined to the front and we complete the vest.

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