Grape Fiber Making

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Lately we’re knitting with you a candy bathtub fiber!

Let’s look at this knit fiber model that everyone can easily make together. Let’s look at it all together.


Snowball Crystal hand knitting yarn;
1 Snow White (K010) colour thread
1 Purple (K737) color thread
1 Khaki Inexperienced (K457) hand knitting thread2 mm crochet

Knitting it


We knit it with a white thread.

1) We pull 6 chains with our white thread, stick them in the first chain and sign up for them. We get a spherical. we pull the chain.

4) After making 6 peanuts in general, we make 1 peanut on best of these peanuts and shut them.

FIVE) We make yet one more peanut at the top of a peanut we make, and another peanut at the ground where the peanut is located. We repeat this procedure over all 6 peanuts.

6) 2. AFTER WE get in line, we’re creating triple peanuts and lengthening a peanut.

7) 2. that is how we end the road.

EIGHT) We build up the selection of peanuts at the top till the quantity 7 is greater by expanding the traces within the 3rd – 6th position.

NINE ) 7. After completing the collection, we commence to knit the slices for my part to present our fiber a star form.

10) We cut back at the beginning of every row. we are subtracting the peanuts on the starting of the line by means of gathering the duo. So, first we dip it in the peanut first, then we dip it subsequent to it and we accumulate them together.

11) We continue until 1 peanut continues to be.

12 ) We acquire the ultimate final peanuts and end the fiber.


We knit with purple thread.


7 We Commence the ordinary, which is a peanut. We make knots with a coloured thread over the fiber, leaving 1 peanut at the edge.

1) We make triple peanuts by way of sinking among 2 peanuts. We entire this process by means of making 4 triple peanuts within the 1st position.

2) We right away go down to the center of the 2nd peanut and begin by making 3 triple peanuts.


We additionally practice those processes to the rest slices.

We cross at the inexperienced color. > Flower

We knit with ropes of red and green colour.

1) We create a spherical by means of pulling 6 chains.

2 ) We pull up THREE chains and pass up and knit 1 double handrail.

THREE) We create 6 bins through pulling 2 chains and making double handrails.

FOUR) We make one peanut within the boxes with a colored rope and a green rope in order. At The Same Time As making peanuts, we sink and acquire them 10 times and fix them to the box through pulling 5 chains.

FIVE) After finishing 6 peanuts, we plant our flower within the center of the fiber.

Side Lace

We knit with white thread.

1) We complete the brink embroidering via making peanuts in order in every order without pulling a series.

long-fiber-structured period-fiber-making

Health for your hand!

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