Hair Braid Modeled Beanie Making

Hello everyone!

Today, we now have an excessively fashionable beret recipe for you.

you’ll be able to finish this beret with a braided knit type in a brief time and start the use of it prior to the elements will get hotter!

Foods Utopia Classic Gray (U03) colour hand knitting yarn4 mm needle is started via throwing


1) 101 loops.

2) 1 reverse, 1 flat rubber knit is knitted for 12 cm.

3) FOUR-9-FIVE-9-5-9- 5-NINE-5-9-5-9-FIVE-9-FOUR loops are separated.

4) 4 loops are opposite, 9 loops are directly, 5 loops are reversed once more and the sequence is finished. Thus, the braid (twirl) process is began. NINE directly loops are made THREE-3-3 auger.

5) 3 rows are knitted with out further processing.

6) Via the start of the row, the first 4 loops are knitted. NINE stitches are separated by 3-THREE-3 and twirl is done.

7) 3 rows are knitted between each and every auger.

8) Whilst a total of 4 braids are made (14 cm), cutting begins.

9) 2 loops are knitted, 2 loops are lower, 9 loops are knitted. (on the similar time, the auger keeps.) The 5 loops in between are dropped to a few. 2 stitches are cut from the reverse stitch in between. (3 opposite loops left.)

11) Next sew loops are knitted, different loops are minimize 2 via 2.

12 ) All loops are lower.

13) Let’s accumulate the final last by needle and stitch.

14) Tire you’ll double the portion and use the pompom at the most sensible should you want.

sheet-form-patterned-beret-making-1 sheet-knit-modeled

Goodbye, wish you goodbye!


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