Hair Braided Baby Dress Making

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We Have Now brought you a style dress recipe for your small children. Our dress with a view to be soft from our skewers style will suit your babies very well. Let’s get started knitting!


Los Angeles Mia Child Cotton rope;
2 Gentle Blue (L036) colour ip3 mm knitting needles3 mm crochet2 buttons



* The dress is knitted in front and back in 2 items.

* Appropriate for 3 year antique small children.

1) 6 rows are knit in a lorry, with 1 increment from the start and the top until 9 loops.

2) 20 rows are knitted with NINE loops.


1) It Is mixed with the other hanger by way of disposing of 20 loops.

2) EIGHT rows, 38 loops are knitted.

* 9 loops from the beginning and the tip are knit with harosa till the dress is finished. A model is put in within the intermediate place.

Entrance < / h3>

1) For the 20 stitches in the heart, FOUR braids are made, 4 directly and a pair of inverted.

2) Each And Every The collection of braids increases from 4 to six after the 18th row and the braids are larger from the opposite braiding order.

3) And the reverse braids among the 4 braids in between are NINE loops. The reverse braids of the 2 hair weaves brought on the aspect will likely be 5 loops every.

FOUR) A TOTAL of 84 rows are created from where the place the hair weave begins.

< strong> FIVE) 4 rows, 79 loops are completed by means of knitting with knitting.

Again Aspect

* Strap and collar are made in the related method as entrance face.

1) The knit with 38 loops is knitted from the beginning and the top with 9 loops within the type of harosha.

2) The reverse knit is knitted till the 20 stitches in between are 30 rows and 61 loops.

3) 84 rows are knitted with out increment of SEVENTY NINE loops. (NINE harosha, SIXTY ONE again knit, NINE haroha)

4) The last FOUR rows are finished by knitting.

* Knitted front and again aspects sewn from the perimeters.

Button Locations

1) 8 loops are knitted as 22 rows of harosha. Button place opens in the sixteenth row. It Is sewn from the edges among the 14th and 18th rows at the trunk.


1) 30 chains are removed from the sling. The ultimate 10 chains are made from leaves.

2) 29. 2 common needles, 1 unmarried handrail, 1 double handrail, 1 triple handrail, 1 double handrail, 1 one unmarried handrail, 2 needles are made. At the tip, we go back once again and do the similar.

Your candy get dressed will fit your candy small children really well.

Glad days.

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