Hair Braided Beanie Making

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We’ve Got introduced you an overly simple and very fashionable braid trend.

you are going to love this hair braided beret that you can easily knit.

Let’s get started!


Los Angeles Mia Wool Simple hand knitting threads6 mm knitting needle


1. We Commence knitting our hat by throwing SEVENTY FIVE loops. <

2. we can use the following scheme when knitting our hat;


1st position: FOUR directly, 6 inverted, 2 immediately, 2 inverted, 2 immediately, 6 inverted, 2 instantly, 2 inverted, 2 directly, 6 inverted We knit 2 immediately, 2 inverted, 2 instantly, 6 inverted, 2 straight, 2 inverted, 2 straight, 6 inverted, 2 immediately, 2 inverted, 2 straight, 6 inverted, 2 immediately, THREE inverted.

second place: Knit instantly loops, and twist the opposite ones and begin twisting our braids cagiz.

The braid will also be made without the usage of a separate apparatus because it is less looper. Simply put;

After knitting FOUR reverse loops, we remove 6 loops from which we will be able to braid, with out knitting, from our left bottle. (We gave numbers to the loops we removed from the skewer for easy rationalization of the following steps)

With the selection of 6-7-8 loops at the back of, we first go the loops number THREE-2-1 to our left determine respectively.

Then to cross the remainder stitches back to our left shim easily Ahead Of FOUR-FIVE-6 respectively, we go to our proper and then 6-5-4 respectively to the left and we knit it flat. this fashion we proceed our knitting.

3. We close while our knitting is 50 cm, that is our head circumference.


Health to your hand!

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