Hand Made Bag with Pistachio Pattern

Hi !

Lately we can make a hand made bag so they can be very useful for you.

you’ll be able to evaluate this bag as a grab bag or as a hand made bag.

< Let’s get started knitting immediately!


Los Angeles Mia Linen Cotton hand knitting threads;
Mild Pink (L185) colour thread
Red (L198) colour thread
Pores And Skin Colour (L056) colour ip3 mm crochet1 button


Full Motifs

Let’s knit with a mild crimson colour thread.

1 ) Let’s pull 6 chains into the magic ring and make a double handrail. Let’s pull 3 chains and make double handrails. There have to be a total of 8 handrails.

Let’s knit with a pink thread.

2) Let’s make one 5 peanut in one slot and 2 five peanuts in the other slot. Let’s make THREE chains amongst the entire peanuts. Let’s proceed till the end of the line.

Let’s knit with a gentle crimson colour string.

3) Where we make two peanuts, let’s make 2 pistachios among the peanuts. This will be corners. Let’s make one pistachio in different puts.

fistic-motif-hand-isi-cantasi-construction-1 fistic-motif-hand-isi-cantasi-yapimi-1

Let’s knit the outside colour with a colored thread.

4) 3 handrails, 2 chains, 3 handrails to the nook parts let’s do.

Let’s make 2 chains even as transitioning between Trabzan teams.

Let’s get ready a total of 9 full motifs.

1) Let’s pull 6 chains into the magic ring and make a double railing. Let’s continue within the form of 3 chains, double handrails. There might be a complete of 6 handrails. Let’s lower the rope.

Let’s knit with a crimson thread. >

Let’s knit with a mild red colored thread.

3) The Place we make peanuts, let’s make 2 pistachios between the peanuts. This will probably be corners. Let’s make one pistachio in other places.

Let’s knit the surface colour with a coloured thread. Let’s make 3 handrails to different puts. Let’s pull 2 ​​chains whilst transitioning between Trabzan groups.

There have to be 2 half motifs.

Let’s combine the items via stitching as below figure.

Let’s sew the puts that say B.

Let’s place our half motifs in the closing puts within the final means.


fistik-motif-el-isi-cantasi-yapısı -THREE



Let’s stitch a button at the bag.

you’ll stitch a lining when you want.

Our crochet bag is set!

​​Health on your hands already!

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