Hand Made Christmas Decorations – Making Knitted Snowflakes

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What are we able to do for lace Christmas decorations?

For lace lovers, superb Christmas decorations from lace will make a difference in your homes.

Let’s knit together!


YarnArt Cotton Cushy White (01) color hand knitting yarnYarnArt Denims hand knitting threads;
1 White (62) color yarn
1 Crimson (26) colour yarn
1 Red (18) color threadSlipped lace thread2 mm crochet


Consistent With the given scheme, the motifs are knitted with crochet.

14504294395673cbff26628.png 14504392405673f2487118c.jpg 14504294575673cc11232e3.png 14504392695673f265c5f4c.jpg 14504294795673cc27ce783.png 14504392905673f27aef396.jpg14504399855673f531b612a.png14504412295673fa0d0b5fe.jpg


145044693656741058747b8.png1450446949567410655e2dd.png 1450446962567410727a81a.png 14504469785674108260110.png 145044699256741090c06b6.png 14504470075674109f32976.png1450447025567410b133462.png1450447038567410bebc1e1.png1450447056567410d02f818.png 1450447068567410dc9e4bd.png 1450447085567410ed83326.png 1450447100567410fc37620.png 14504471175674110dc22df.png 14504471325674111c79999.png


Well Being on your hands!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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