Handmade Knit Blouse and Shorts for Boys

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A 1.5-12 months-antique boy hand-knitted shirt and shorts set comes to life with Snowball hand knitting yarns!

it will add!

Let’s get started knitting instantly!


Snowball Flowers hand knitting threads;
1 Cream (K025) color thread
1 Crimson (K150) color thread
1 piece of Black (K940) colour rope4mm skewer

the best way to make

Braids are appropriate for 1.5 years.



We knit with crimson thread.

1) We knit EIGHT rows of rice, starting with 70 loops. For the brass knitting, we entire the order with 1 loop opposite, 1 loop instantly.

2) Subsequent we knit reverse loops at the opposite loops at the opposite loops.

< THREE) We knit 22 cm immediately knit and open the arm house as 2 + 2.

4) We proceed to knit directly knit as much as 34 cm. .

FIVE) We knit FIVE rows for the collar, 16 loops straight, 32 loops of rice, 16 loops of plain weave.

6) < / strong> We cut the 22 loops in the middle at once and knit the opposite loops as some distance because the finish, and proceed knitting in this manner for another 5 rows. We open 3 buttonholes and end all loops.


We knit with red thread.

1) with 70 loops we start and knit 8 rows of rice.

We knit with cream-colored thread.

2) 14 cm we knit a undeniable weave.

3) Then we knit 18 loops and begin putting in the template.

FOUR) While the overall period is 22 cm We cut the arm as 2 + 2.

FIVE) We minimize the braid in 30 cm and open the collar as 7 + FOUR.

We reduce the deal with as 2 + 2. We knit without finishing 2 rows and finish all the loops.


We knit with black thread.

1) EIGHT rows starting with SIXTY FIVE loops we knit rice.

2) After going into flat knitting and knitting 6 cm, we begin to extend 1 stitches from the beginning and end of the row. We continue to increase each row till 73 loops.

3) After a total of 4 rows of knitting, SIXTY NINE loops are decreased for FOUR rows, 1 loop from the start and end of the row

FOUR) When it’s 28 cm in general, we knit SIXTEEN more rows of rice and finish all the loops at once.

5) 2d. We knit the trotters within the related way and sew them by way of combining the two trotters.

6) We knit SIXTEEN rows of rice on top of it and fold it and fold it and pass it through the rubber.


We knit with black thread.

1) We Begin with 25 loops and knit FOUR rows of rice.

2) First We knit the FOUR and the remaining 4 loops of rice, the remainder 15 loops as a flat knit 15 rows.

3) We knit all 4 loops of rice and stitch them as they look within the figure.

Our group is ready!

hand-knit-blouse-and-sort-for-men- hand-knit-blouse-and-type-made-for-boys-kids

Health to your hands!

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