Hanım Rested Bey Liked Motif Cardigan Making

Hello ,

I Needed to share my patterned cardigan with the woman who appreciated it.

the lady favored it was my favorite motif, so i decided to knit a cardigan from this motif.


FIVE different colours La Mia Child Cotton ip2.5 mm crochet needle


You’ll get started with the color you need.

1) First of all, we create a magic ring and we make THREE double handrails each and put 2 chains between each one. (THREE double handrails / 2 chains / 3 double handrails)

We cut our rope and move to another colour.

2) When We transfer up one row, ranging from where the 2 chains we created in the previous row can be found, we make THREE handrails, we pull 2 ​​chains, we make 3 handrails within the comparable space.

We lower our rope and we transfer to a different color rope. ) When We transfer as much as the following stage, we are working on chain blanks again. Best within the corners we make 3 handrails, 2 chains, handrails within the similar house and three handrails in among, 2 chains visit the following house and make 3 handrails.

The device is often the similar! we modify the colour in every row and follow the good judgment in the third row. within the corners, we make 2 teams of three double handrails within the similar house and we make THREE double handrails in between. I made FIVE colours, FIVE rows each and every.

While a enough selection of motifs are shaped, we first mix the motifs that I made on the back, then on the front and then at the hands.

Allow me supply a little tip; should you are going to knit in your personal frame, you wish to have a shoulder the place you ought to take precedent as a measure. that is, your shoulder duration will inform you what number of motifs your width of the again should consist of. it’s completely your selection!

Good well being!
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