Haroşa Twisty Hair Band Making

Haroşa Twisty Hair Band Making
Haroşa Twisty Hair Band Making

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How approximately making knitted headbands that we see frequently in well-known brands this season and we will be able to see within the upcoming seasons? capture the trend with easy and trendy headscarf!

With our targeted and video narration, you can make a wide range of colors from this hair band that you’ll be able to finish in a few hours. you are going to be starting!


Snowball Pace ip12 mm bull


1) We Begin our trade with 10 loops.

2) We knit until the 25 enamel are unsuitable.

3) We take the two stitches together first, then take the three stitches in combination and finish through knitting them.

We twist our braid with our fingers and sew it from the ends.

That Is it! Your braid scarf is about!

Video Production

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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