Hello Kitty Bandana Making

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We introduced you a very cute Hello Kitty bandana recipe in your babies. > YarnArt Jeans hand knitting threads;
White (01) color thread
Crimson (42) colour thread
Black (53) color thread
Yellow (58) colour thread22 mm crochet < h2> Instruction


Let’s knit with a white thread.

1. Let’s pull 25 chains.

2. Let’s skip 2 chains and do a double handrail to the 3rd one. Let’s continue with 1 double handrail and 1 chain till the tip of the row.

3. Let’s alter the length consistent with our head measurement. When it comes to the period we would like, let’s sew the 2 ends together.


Let’s knit with a yellow thread. Let’s make a needle.

2. Let’s make 10 stitches in general via dipping each and every loop twice.

3. 1 unmarried to the stitches in order Let’s make a total of 15 needles, 1 pair.

Let’s minimize the rope and stitch it to the bandana.

1. Let’s pull 18 chains.

2-4. Let’s knit 15 double handrails.

Lower a string and pull a couple of layers of rope within the middle Let’s hook up with.

Let’s sew to the bandana.

Let’s procedure the mustaches with the black colored thread.


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