Hexagonal Autumn Cardigan Making

Hi Ladies,

I Could Not write for an extended time .. I HAVE back with an overly great knitting trend now.

There are such a lot of ready that the recipe for this cardigan …

I’M HOPING you’ll be able to easily do it after my rationalization ..

Let it all come simple to you already, let’s start …


4 Snowball Jersey Ebruli hand knitting threads5 mm crochet


1) We pull out 5 chains and shape earrings and we pull 3 chains and make 2 double handrails inside the ring. We pull 1 chain together and make 3 double handrails. we will be able to have a total of 6 double double handrails, we all the time pull 1 chain between them. We end our first line like this.

2) We pull 3 chains and get to the highest. We pulled 1 chain in among, or there’ll be a nook. We make 1 double railing on every railing, we make 2 double railing within the nook, 2 chains in the corner, 2 double railing within the related house. we now have 5 corners, we have 7 handrails among the 2 corners.

 3) We pull up FOUR chains and cross up, we leap 1 handrail and we make 1 double handrail subsequent. We draw 1 chain among them, soar 1 handrail and make 1 handrail subsequent. When it comes to the corner, we pull 2 ​​chains together.

4) Now we’ve got come to the reduction we can do… We only do the relief in a single place, and that may be where we move up first, the usual will proceed after the queue… you are going to easily take note from the video. We pull THREE chains and pass up, we pull the thread on the crochet hook, we exit only once, we hold 2 threads in the crochet hook. We take 3 and four exactly, we go out immediately and wait for the crochet. Whilst crocheting has 4 threads, we pull it without delay. After that, we continue with the same handrails, one handrail on one handrail and one house on it. As for the corners, we make 2 handrails, 2 chains, 2 handrails.


Source : orgumodelleri.com

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