Honeycomb Beanie Making


Make room on your closet!

we now have brought you a knit hat model!

Simply knit this honeycomb model beret for your self or your family members!


1 piece La Mia Child Cotton Mat Blue (L035) hand knitting yarn 4 mm needle


1) we begin our knitting with 70 loops.

2) We knit 2 immediately, 2 reverse rubber knit for 10 rows.

3) We Commence to build our fashion after the tire. at the entrance facet of our knitting, we complete the primary row by way of sewing a loop in opposite and attaching it to our industry without knitting a loop.

4) on the again of our knitting, we knit all the loops.

 5) Once We come back to front face, we put on the knitted knit that we knit the previous again without knitting. This time, we knit the loop that we go the bottle without knitting.

Therefore, now we have created our honeycomb type.

Honeycomb Beanie Making

Honeycomb Beanie Making


6) Our mesh fashion is THREE,4,FIVE. we continue via repeating the rows.

7) While our braid reaches the duration we would like, we reduce all the loops.

8) When We end our hat, get started and end We stitch the sides and stitch the top with a needle. should you need, you’ll also set up the pompom the place we cut back.

honeycomb-beanie-2 honeycomb-beanie-development-2

That Is it! In The starting, you’ll build up or decrease the selection of stitches and knit for yourself, on your youngsters or for your spouse and loved ones.

when you proportion your hats on Instagram, don’t forget to add the #hobili.masal tag!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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