Hooded Christmas Baby Overalls Making

How approximately getting your small children able for the new 12 Months?

With this candy hooded child rompers, your baby can be the most fashionable child on New Year’s Eve.

Let’s start!


Snowball Baby One rope;
2 Purple (K150) color threads
2 Green (K1391) color threads
2 White (K010) colour threads4 mm knitting needles3 mm crochet



Green color starts with the collar.

1) Starts with SEVENTY FIVE loops.

< 2) 1 reverse, 1 flat rubber knit is made for 10 rows.

Pink colour rope is made.

THREE) 15 loops directly, 1 closet, 1 immediately, 1 closet, 10 directly, 1 closet, 1 immediately, 1 closet, 20 directly, 1 closet, 1 immediately, 1 closet, 10 straight, 1 closet, 1 immediately, 1 closet, 15 flat, 1 flat, 1 flat and 1 flat size are installed.

* The inverse of the weave is usually knit as a purl.

White thread is tied.

FOUR) Red thread is knitted with FOUR rows of purple thread along FOUR rows and simple weave with white thread for 4 rows.

* 3 .

Increases are made so that 1 coiling puts overlap each row. Proceed till there are FOUR red lines and 4 white strains. Whilst the increase is finished, FORTY SIX loops are separated for the palms and kept in every other skewer. The frame keeps to knit.

FIVE) After the palms are separated and the body begins to knit, 4 rows of purple and 4 rows of white are continued. Whilst 7 strains are red and 6 traces are white, the trousers are separated. For the leg, the selection of stitches of the body is divided into 2. Both trousers are knitted one at a time.

6) Troops are reduced in 8 rows and one on either side. a complete of five subtractions are made.

7) While there are 5 crimson lines and FIVE white traces, the green line is passed, and 1 inverted, 1 flat tire is knitted for 12 rows and the frame is finished.

EIGHT) Knitting begins to knit. With a complete of 46 loops, knit a flat knit till 5 strains are crimson and 4 traces are white. the opposite arm is done within the related way, the fingers are sewn below the arm.

In the third row, THREE buttonholes are opened at common durations at the left. 3 buttons are sewn at the right facet.


< It begins with a pink rope.

1) THREE chains are pulled into the magic ring with a pink rope and 12 double handrails are made.

White rope is tied. < /

2) 3 chains are pulled with a white string and augmented at the backside of the chain to increase. One double handrail is made to the other slots.

3) 3 chains are drawn through switching to the pink rope once more. Increasing is done via immersing the ground of the chain. Therefore, 1 build up is made in each and every row. the opposite slots are fabricated from 1 double handrail.

This process is sustained until one reaches 36 handrails in 1 row pink and 1 row in white.

Continue with crimson thread .

FOUR) Subsequent row is fabricated from 2 handrails for 2 loops and 2 handrails for third loops and maintains as 2 unmarried and 1 double along the line.

Continue with a white thread.

5) One handrail is made on each loop.

Increments are always done in purple rows.

< strong> 6) Subsequent, 1 handrail for 3 loops, FOUR.

2 handrails are made on the loop and 4 unmarried and 1 double alongside the row.

9) 1 handrail is made on each and every loop for 3 rows.

Inexperienced The rope is tied.

10) Crochet rubber is made for five rows with the fairway rope.

you can make a pompom with the remaining green rope and stitch it to the highest of the hood. < /

Health to your hand!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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