Hooded Jacket Making

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Today we now have introduced you an invaluable recipe that you simply will love the next ice-chilly wintry weather days.

Let’s get started knitting the hooded jacket development right away if we were given our threads!


Kartopu Child One hand knitting threads;
White colour thread
Red (K255) color rope 2.5mm skewer Pearl FIVE buttons to embellish


Let’s start from the hood section Let’s get started with 115 stitches.

2. 28 rows of knots.

3. a complete of SEVENTY EIGHT loops will have to stay.

4. Let’s increase ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE loops via expanding the intervals.

5. Let’s knit 4 rows of harosa.

Let’s make a buttonhole for a button in 14 rows.

6. Let’s cut up it with 2 stitches aside, leaving 19 stitches in the front, 14 stitches within the fingers and 30 stitches within the back. The double loops among them are the place to increase. Let’s weave 19 rows.

hooded-jacket-making-1 hooded-jacket-making-1

7. Let’s weave knit without making 4 rows.

8. Let’s separate the loops on the arm. From the remainder loops, let’s make 8 loops at the edges, harasha, the others flat knit. Let’s knit ONE HUNDRED rows.

9. Let’s make four rows of harosa and lower the loops.

10. Let’s string the loops that now we have reserved for the sleeve. Let’s knit 46 rows of harosa. Let’s reduce until FORTY FIVE loops remain.

11. Let’s knit ELEVEN rows flat.

12. knit 4 rows of knots Let’s reduce it.



here that’s it!

IMG_20200131_171720-scaled.jpg hooded-jacket-made

Well Being on your fingers! < /

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